Cleaning & Digital X-Rays Q & A

When should children get dental cleanings?

Every six months, children should come in for a routine dental visit, which includes a thorough cleaning. This will remove plaque, which traps bacteria against the teeth. The goal is to prevent cavities and gum disease from developing.

How are children’s teeth cleaned?

The process is similar to that with adults. We employ dental hygienists who are trained to work with pediatric patients. We give children a pip to keep them clean and sunglasses so the exam lights do not bother them. We use special tools to remove plaque and then polish the teeth with a special toothpaste. Once that is done, the teeth are flossed. After the cleaning, the dentist conducts the exam.

How often are digital x-rays taken?

This depends. Children with certain conditions may need frequent x-rays to monitor the growth of the teeth, even those still inside the gums. Others may only need them once a year to ensure growth is properly progressing and there are no cavities.

Are digital x-rays safe for children?

We know that radiation can be dangerous, but with the x-rays we use, the exposure is very low, which means the risks are minimal. We give the child a lead apron for protection and complete the process quickly.

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