Oral Conscious & IV Sedation Q & A

What is oral conscious sedation?

It is a type of sedation that combines anesthesia with pain medication. The patient becomes sleepy but remains awake and able to follow instructions. Most patients come out of sedation unable to remember the procedure. After this type of sedation, the patient must be monitored closely for the rest of the day.

What is IV sedation?

When children need to be fully asleep for a procedure, IV sedation can be used. The child may be able to move a bit but cannot follow commands or feel pain. Because this can impact breathing, a dental anesthesiologist is present for the entire procedure. All vital signs are carefully monitored and the child should be carefully watched for the day after.

Do I need to prepare my child for oral conscious or IV sedation?

You will be given specific preparation instructions to follow. Be sure not to deviate from them as this can be dangerous. Inform us of any changes in health or medication before the treatment. Children need an empty stomach and should be dressed comfortably. No other minors should be brought along to the procedure.

How do I help my child at home after sedation?

There are three main symptoms your child is likely to battle at home after this type of sedation: a sore mouth from the treatment, tiredness from the sedation, and a little nauseous from the sedation and a lack of food.

At home, your child should rest. A few hours after sedation, it will be safe to eat and drink again. Liquids should be first, followed by soft foods.

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